A Nice Feedback of Techking OE Tire from Norway


Techking had supplied their star products such as ETADT, ET6A and ETLT to the famous ADT truck manufacturer from Norway since 2007. In June of 2015, Techking people paid an on-site visit with the local partner to one of biggest construction company in Norway and found a nice feedback performance of Techking ETADT tires as below:

Articulated Dump Truck  /  DOOSAN DA40 /  VICHELE NO:862 /ENGINE hrs :  5414    
Size Pattern Position Serial Number Pressure (bar) Tread Depth(mm) Tread Wear
Working Hrs Wear Rate
Tire Condition
Recommended Actual Original Remaining
29.5R25 MI-XTERRAIN 1-FL EVY0129H9A 3.5 3.8 60 57,58 2.5     Crack on groove
29.5R25 TK  ETADT 2-ML D120409C3501 4.7 4.3 55.5 4,4 51.5 5414 105 Cutted  on shoulder
29.5R25 TK ETADT 3-RL D120409B3601 4.7 4.3 55.5 9,9 46.5 5414 116 Cutted  on shoulder
29.5R25 MI-XTERRAIN 4-FR UVC2224A0A 3.5 3.8 60 56,57 3.5     Crack on groove
29.5R25 MI-XTERRAIN 5-MR   4.7 4.0 60 12,13 47.5     Good
29.5R25 TK ETADT 6-RR D120408C4803 4.7 4.0 55.5 8.5,8.5 47 5414 115 Good

Above three Techking ETADT tires were mount in 2012 and had worked more than 5414 hours till now, customer is satified with the performance of Techking tires. 


Right now, Techking ETADT, ETLT and ET6A tires had been traveled with Doosan new ADT trucks to many coutries, Techking sales and engineer team will pay more on-site visit to tracking the tire perfromance and supply after service to many end users, Techking brand and tire perfromance were recognied by more and more global customers!