Visit to Algeria


After 7 hours’ fly from Dubai, I landed Algiers, capital of Algeria. When I walked out of the airport, the first thing catching my eyes is the sky, blue and clear, there were also the beautiful sunshine, comfortable wind and kind people.

Algiers is near the Mediterranean Sea, the sea has the same color with the sky. Sea and Sky connect with each other as a line in the far view. Boats are on the sea and sea mews are in the sky.

However, I was deeply moved by the friendship of Algerian people. Because of the arrangement of the trip, I had no time to go to the south and take a visit to my customers. When he knew this, he said, “Don’t worry , I will come to you”. The next morning, when I answered his call, he had arrived.  Leaving from 5:00 am, driving 6 hours, an old man with more than 60 years old, all of this, made me touched a lot. 

I learn from this visit, life is more than business. 



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Techking 29.5R25 PROADT Rolling At Qingdao Port


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Another Techking Super Tireman from Norway


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A Nice Feedback of Techking OE Tire from Norway


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