Techking Tips: How to Identify the Cut-resistant Compound


Generally speaking, each OTR brand needs to prepare three kinds of tread compound for mine site application, as following

  • • Heat-resistant Compound
  • • Standard Compound
  • • Cut-resistant Compound

If you have already been in OTR business for years and visited serval mine sites, it is easy for you to identify when to use Heat-Resistant Compound tire, such as high speed (50km/h), long one-way distance (more than 5km) or high TKPH. However, it’s a little bit difficult to choose Standard Compound and Cut-resistant Compound.

Here, Techking will provide a picture-guide to you.

When the road condition is as below, especially the loading and dumping area.

If you are using Standard Compound tire, the tread condition will be as following.

From the picture of tread, you can see the tread was cutting deeply.

But if you are using Cut-resistant Compound, the tread condition will be as following.

Though there are cut lines on the tread, the lines are not deep and the whole tread surface is smooth.

Let’s take an example:

29.5R25 E4 tire for ADT dumper truck in Gold mine,

  • • If the compound is a standard one, the lifetime would be about 1500-2000hours.
  • • If the compound is cut-resistant one, the lifetime could be higher than 3000-4000hours.

Right Tire to Right Application is not just a slogan. As a professional tire solution provider, Techking service team will visit the site before making the recommendation. The site condition and the tire running data is the key basis to make the solution.

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